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International Taekwondo Festival 2019 Compete, Appreciate, and Celebrate Taekwondo at its Finest!

It is my pleasure to invite you to 2019 The International Taekwondo Festival I extend a warm greeting to returning participants and a special welcome to those attending for the first time. I would also like to give my great appreciation to the Masters and Instructors who are devoting their time and energy to support and increase the popularity of Taekwondo in the USA.
Each year the tournament has become more successful than previous years past, and now we are an International tournament with over 5,000 attendees. The purpose of the Festival is to give our youth the opportunity to achieve their goals and develop a winning attitude in life. We provide a beautiful outdoor venue, safe and fair matches, and a festive atmosphere.  I promise to continue to bring high quality Taekwondo events that inspire the growth of Taekwondo.

The International Taekwondo Festival is a place where athletes can come to compete, appreciate and celebrate Taekwondo at its finest! All Competitors will receive a souvenir gift. My vision could not be possible without the dedication and hard work of participants along with the Masters, Referees, as well as hundreds of volunteers and parents who make this great tournament possible.

Good luck and have a wonderful tournament experience at the 2019 International Taekwondo Festival!

Grandmaster Young In Cheon
Tournament Director
2000 USA Olympic Team Head Coach

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Friday, May 17  11 AM – 1 PM

Weigh-in is only for WORLD CLASS SPARRING BLACK BELTS Junior (15-17) and Senior (18-32) divisions ONLY.
Youth & Cadet competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in. There will be a scale at Pacific Palms Resort.

Industry Hills Expo Center


One representative will pick up the credential badges for the school. Please make sure to contact your Master for your badge.
Competition Floor

Poomsae Competition

Grassroot Poomsae and Sport Poomsae Competitors will be called by their age and belt rank
Athlete Referee Oath & National Anthem

Opening Ceremony

Athlete & Referee Oath
Competition Floor

Sparring Competition

Grassroot Sparring competition will begin after Poomsae competition

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Event Q & A Frequent Asked Question

Q: What are the cost to get in?

A: Parking is $10 (cash). Admission for the day is $15 and children 4 years and under are free. CASH ONLY. There is NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINKS allowed. There are many food vendors that will be selling different varieties of snacks, food and drinks.

Q: Where can I pick up my credential badge?

A: We are asking ONE REPRESENTATIVE to pick up the school’s credential badges at the Registration Area on the morning of the tournament from 7:30am-12pm. Credential pickup will be closed at 12pm.

Sunday credential pickup will be from 8am-9am.

Q: What time does the tournament start?

A: Poomsae call-time begins at 8:30am. We will call in athletes at 8:30am so please be early. After Poomsae there will be an Opening Ceremony and lunch break. Sparring will start immediately afterwards. We will call competitors to holding area by their age and belt rank. We will be calling competitors to the Holding Area by age and belt rank going from the youngest age first.

Q: Where is the holding area? Can I as a parent go with my child into the holding area?

A: Holding and staging will be located inside the arena floors on the right side of the arena (new location). All competitors will be called to the holding area to be checked in and put into their competition division. Parents, Masters and Coaches ARE NOT ALLOWED in the holding area. In order to run an efficient tournament we ask kindly that only competitors and volunteers be inside the holding/staging area at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

We have moved the Holding Area to the right side of the arena to avoid direct sunlight.

Q: How much is Coaching Pass? Do I have to be a certain level to attain one?

A: Coach Pass is $50 and you do not have to take a seminar but you must be a Kukkiwon certified 1st dan. Coaches may only be on the arena floor during Sparring competition when their athlete is in the ring.

Q: Are you using electronic hogus?

A: Only the World Class Sparring competition Black Belts 10-32 years old will be using DAEDO electronic chest protector. All competitors in the World Class division will be responsible for bringing their own Gen-1 electronic socks.

Q: I am a Black Belt 16 years old, which sparring do I choose? World Class Divison or Grassroot Sparring?

A: Black Belts ages 10-32 years old may choose to compete in either Grassroots or World Class sparring depending on their level. World Class Sparring is for experienced black belts who have competed at States and National and/or International Championships.  You will be put in brackets by your weight class and must weigh in on Saturday (We may combine 2 weight divisions if we do not have enough athletes).  There is no limit to division size and there is only one 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

A:  Grassroot Sparring will be a division of 4 competitors or less. Grassroot Sparring competitors are those who compete in local tournaments or have little to no experienced in black belt sparring competition.  Everyone in Grassroot Sparring competition is guaranteed a medal.

Grassroot Sparring athletes may compete on Sunday’s World Class Sparring competition but World Class athletes may NOT compete in Grassroot Sparring.

Q: Can we as parents go into the tournament floor and video tape or take pictures?

A: Only Volunteers will be allowed onto the floor. Please make sure to keep the aisle clear and take photos/videos from the stands.

Q: What is Competition Sport Poomsae?

A:  The World Taekwondo Federation and USA Taekwondo have developed a National and International Poomsae format that is used for competition which consists of Individual, Pairs and Team divisions for Black Belts.

The following rule modifications will be in effect for Competition (Sport) Poomsae:

Semi-Final Round: When 7 or more contestants are participating; Contestants shall perform one (1) pre-assigned compulsory Poomsae predetermined by the tournament committee. The top six (6) scoring players shall be advanced to the Final Round based on their scores.

Final Round: When 6 or fewer contestants are participating; competition shall start from final round. Contestants shall perform two (2) pre-assigned compulsory Poomsae predetermined by the tournament committee. The ranking of the top 4 (3) of each division will be decided by the combined results of their performance.

Q: If the venue is outside should we wear sunblock?

A: The arena is outside but there is a roof and you will not be in the sun. However, we recommend you bring a light sweater or jacket as it can be windy/cold in the early morning and evening. Please wear comfortable sandals or shoes as competitors will need their shoes when walking on

A: The arena is outside but there is a roof covering and you will not be in the sun. However, we recommend you bring a light sweater or jacket as it can be windy/cold in the early morning and evening. Please wear comfortable sandals or shoes as competitors will need their shoes when walking on the mats.

The Holding Area will be located in the far right side of the arena. We have changed the location to avoid being in the sunlight.

Venue Location Pacific Palms Resort

Contact Us Any Questions or Concerns?

  • Tournament Headquarter: YIC Taekwondo
  • English Phone: 657-888-4831
  • Korean Phone: 909-578-8028
  • Email: tkdfest@gmail.com